Analysis of glass flake particle size distribution

The particle size distribution of glass flake significantly effects the anti-corrosive result of coating. The more intensive particle size distribution, the better anti-corrosive result for the coating manufacture. Please let us find more detail about the PSD of product: C-28N, C-90N, C-150N and C-400N base on the lab test result of MASTERSIZER.


D(0.5): 394.266μm, this means half C-28N diameter under 394.266, half above. The average diameter of C-28N is 394.266μm.

Size: 141.589μm Volume Under: 11.35%, Size: 893.367μm Volume Under: 88.66%. This means 77.31% of C-28N diameter is between 141.589μm and 893.367μm.

PSD of glass flakes C-28N


D(0.5): 186.109μm, this means half C-90N diameter under 186.109, half above. The average diameter of C-90N is 186.109μm.

Size: 100.237μm Volume Under: 11.47%, Size: 316.979μm Volume Under: 87.28%. This means 75.81% of C-90N diameter is between 100.237μm and 316.979μm.

PSD of glass flakes C-90N


D(0.5): 141.270μm, this means half C-150N diameter under 141.270, half above. The average diameter of C-150N is 141.270μm.

Size: 70.963μm Volume Under: 8.79%, Size: 251.785μm Volume Under: 88.79%. This means 80.00% of C-150N diameter is between 70.963μm and 251.785μm.


D(0.5): 20.73μm, this means half C-400N diameter under 20.73, half above. The average diameter of C-400N is 20.73μm.

Size: 5.50μm Volume Under: 10.82%, Size: 47.98μm Volume Under: 90.16%. This means 79.34% of C-400N diameter is between 5.50μm and 47.98μm.

PSD of glass flakes C-400N

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