Sample request

sample packageFirst of all, thank you for your interesting in GlassFlakes who is the largest glass flakes manufacturer in China. Additionally, GlassFlakes is the original formulator of National Glassflakes Standard.

Glass flake free samples are available to our customers for testing before placing order to us.

Available sample

C-28N      C-28V       C-28E      C-90N      C-90V       C-90E

C-150N    C-150V    C-150E     C-400N    C-400V    C-400E

Select type of glass flake base on your application.

  • Dry film thickness of your coating is above 500 mm, please select C-28 or C-90 series.
  • Dry film thickness of your coating is below 500 mm, please select C-150 or C-400 series.
Surface treatment
  • N: none surface treated.
  • V: surface treated for vinyl resin.
  • E: surface treated for epoxy resin.

Please refer to Specification for detail technical information of our products.

Sample request email should includes below information

  • Quantity
  • Type of sample
  • Address of consignee
Shipping cost

Samples are free of charge, we hope our customer could help to share the cost by paying the freight. After receiving your detailed request of sample, we will send you cost of sample shipment back. The cost is directly quoted from vendor, we do not add any extra charge for sample handling.


We could accept PayPal and wire transfer for sample shipment. If you worry about the safety of your payment, we could accept 100% payment after you receive the sample for the first deal.


Please send email with below information to [email protected] for assistant if you are not sure about type of glass flake, so we could select one which is best suitable for you.

  • Dry film thickness if you apply glass flake in coating
  • How you apply your coating, by spray or roller?
Waybill and lead-time

After courier pick package up, we would send you waybill for your online tracking. Normally, the lead time is within 10 days.


Please send back result or feedback when you have. Any information is welcomed, I appreciate your cooperation in advance.

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